Torkom Movsesiyan currently teaches UNISEX Middle Eastern/Raqs Sharqi dance classes at

ACAT (American Center for the Alexander Technique)

39 W. 14th street, Ste. 507

New York, NY 10011

(between 5th and 6th Ave)

Take 4, 5, 6, L, Q, R, N to 14th street and Union Square or 1,2, 3, L, F, M to 14th street and 6th Ave.   

         Every Saturday from 2:00-3:30pm
          $25 per class;

         All levels are welcome

         Contact Torkom at (347)-512-0541

After completion of 150 hours of dance classes and workshops, each student will receive a certificate of completion from UNESCO's International Dance Council. Students will receive credit for any additional workshops, seminars, and classes, offered by Torkom Movsesiyan and TORKOMADA, Inc.

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Each class is $25 (only cash at the door) or you can purchase a five-class card for $105 (you save $20, and have five classes to use). To purchase a five-class card, prepay via PayPal. Send your payment to account of

* Please be advised that all 5-class cards must be used within five weeks from purchase; otherwise, they will expire. Once 5-class cards are purchased, there are NOREFUNDS!*


Private dance classes are available by appointment only!

Please arrive on time for classes! (Be aware that all new students are required to fill out a liability waiver form before taking any classes.)

The use of cameras, recorders or images of any kind during classes or performances is strictly prohibited!

Some items you might consider wearing during this class are: Barefoot/flat dance shoes/Leotard/tights, sweats or skirt & top/A hipscarf or shawl to underline your hip movements.

Each class consists of a warm-up routine, designed to break down the movement vocabulary of Raqs Sharqi, which is incorporated into various choreographies. There are brief explanations on the historical and social background of Raqs Sharqi (Eastern dance in Arabic, more popularly known in the West as belly dance), and Middle Eastern culture as well. These dance classes are designed to introduce you to the true spirit and meaning of one of the oldest dances on earth, that is to say, joy and happiness.

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