SAG-AFTRA eligible




"The Cut"   


“Gate of Fallen Angels”


Dialect Consultant to Julie Adams


dir. Fatih Akin


Rotten Apple Productions

  “Human Portrait” Toty American Museum of History
  “Everyday with Rachael Ray “ Evoo Hartlarsoon Productions
  “The Panss Institute “ Ivan The Panss Institute
  “The Child Within” Joro Blue Flower Productions
  “The Demon Shells” Toucher NYC Visions Films
  “Count Gaylord: Vampire” Lead After Midnight Entertainment
  “Sorry Ain’t No Reparations” Lead Net Picture Productions
  “The Other Side Of Maybe” Lead Astorax Productions
  “I’m Sorry, Bobby” Lead Bob Cobb Productions
  “White Like Me” Lead Four Entertainment
  “Nothing, but shame” Lead Tortellini Productions
  “Tranquility” Lead Bella Produzione

"Celebrity Ghost Stories"

"The Ann Morning Show-2016"

Medical patient


The Biography Channel

No Frames Productions

  " Chaos in Gotham" Sammy LBYL Films
  “Pandora” Omar Silver Studios
  “Rites Of Passage” Greg Morris Barrow Productions
  “Orange Paper” Principal Big Air Plane Productions
  “Be Yourself As Well As Art” Principal MNN Studios
  “Iyanla” Singer CBS Studios
  “Dough E. Fresh” Principal Gee Street Productions
  COMMERCIALS & PRINT --------Conflicts upon request 
  “The Three Penny Opera” Street singer Fordham University
  “The Glass Menagerie” Joseph Greenbrier Valley Theatre
  “Joseph And The Amazing Dream Coat” Stefan The Ivoryton Playhouse
  “The Robber Bridegroom” Nick The Ivoryton Playhouse
  “Turn Of The Screw” Courier Asolo Theatre Conservatory
  “Kabuki Medea” Prince Sioux Falls Playhouse


"Secret Space Escapes"

"Real Sports with Bryant Gumble"

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"


Alexander Volkov


MIkhail Gorbachaev

Russian Tourist                    



Discovery Channel


Comedy Central

Comedy Central






"Corporate Sound Lounge"



“ English as a Second Language ”


Narrator (in Bulgarian)

Narrator (in Bulgarian)

Announcer (in Italian, Russian, German)

Web Commercial (in French)


Volafriends Productions

Transperfect Inc.

CMD Studios


Soundlounge Studios


Soundlounge Studios

Cambridge University Press

  “ English as a Second Language ” Thomas Cambridge University Press
  “English as a Second Language” Alex Cambridge University Press
  “ Nissan” Commercial Sound Lounge Studio
  “ MedtoneBulgchanged” Narrator CPV Communications, Inc.
  “ Russian Promotions” Narrator Great Voices, Inc.
  “ Admereurope” Narrator John Cohen Entertainment
  “ BG Radio” Narrator Medicos Company
  “ Mashala “ Commercial Turkey Productions
  “ Ararat “ Narrator Parekordzagan Association
  “ Nicaragua Airlines “ Commercial Managua LTD.
  “ Argentina “ Narrator Vargas Inc.

Foreign Languages: (Fluent languages: Spanish (European and South-American), French, German, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian, Latin, English); Conversational languages (Armenian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Greek, Farsi, Arabic, Bengali, Romany, Hebrew); Foreign accents (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Albanian, Hebrew, Macedonian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Bengali, Hindu, Persian).

Dialect coach, Singing: contemporary pop-rock, jazz, rock and roll
Dancing: Middle Eastern dance, ballet, modern, hip hop
Musical instrument: piano, finger cymbals


Master of Art, International Affairs, The City College of New York, 2013

Bachelor of Art, International Studies, The City College of New York, 2009



  Monologues:   Elaine Aiken
  Commercials:   Jeff Barber
  Vocal Technique-Coaching:   Lynn Starling
  Film & TV:   William Esper
  Improvisation:   Caroline’s
  Meisner’s Technique:   Robert Patterson
  Alexander’s Technique:   HB Studios
  Theatre:   Stella Adler’s Studio
  Voice-overs:   Steve Harris
  Middle Eastern dance:   Morocco/Tarik Sultan



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